Sappada - Borgata Bach, 155

At the Bladen Restaurant the influences of the simple and genuine cuisine of the Dolomites blends with the variety of Mediterranean cuisine. The Chef prepares not only typical dishes of Sappada such as dumplings and stuffed mezzelune, but also traditional...

Sappada - Borgata Cima, 133

S. Stefano di Cadore - Via Lungo Piave, 60

La Žìria restaurant owes its name to the Ladino dialect of upper Comelico, where it means “swallow”. This name was chosen as an homage to the loyal customers, who, like the swallows, always come back home.

Sappada - Borgata Palù, 17

Sappada - Borgata Palu', 96 Loc. Golf Club

Mondschein is an experience of taste that merges experimentation and search for the best food materials with the love for tradition. It combines elegance and care of the details together with a warm welcome that will make you feel part of the family.

S. Stefano di Cadore - Via Venezia, 93

Dosoledo - Via Roma, 93

Sappada - Borgata Soravia, 27

Sappada - Borgata Fontana, 45

Sega Digon - Via Caduti di Cima Vallona, 23

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